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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day Two - Great American Road Trip - Utah

The plan for today was to go to Bryce Canyon.  Plans change - we didn't make it there today.  Instead, we took a little detour to Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park.  We weren't disappointed.

I've seen some sand dunes in Indiana and Arizona before, but these were the most beautiful color and the finest sand I've ever felt.  Southern Utah is so interesting.  The colors change rapidly with little warning.  In the morning we were driving in red cliffs sliced sideways by some tremendous water force millions of years ago.  The next minute we are in pines and bleach white cliffs appear.  Finally, we ended up here, where erosion of sandstone created the most gorgeous beach without water.

If you see two tiny little specks near the top of the giant sand dune, that's Kent and Mackenzie.  They made it to the top in 90 degree weather.  It was quite an accomplishment, especially when you consider how deep the sand is.

I loved the yellow flowers that popped up out of the sand.

We did make the drive to Bryce Canyon today, but didn't visit.  We checked into a cool camping ground, Ruby's RV Camping and Lodge near Bryce, but the weather turned a little in the afternoon.  First deviation off schedule - we decided to stay one more day at Ruby's and see Bryce tomorrow.

We also had our first RV mishap - a little problem flushing the "black water."  We'll see how that works out tomorrow.