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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Twitter Twerp

O.K., I've been testing Twitter (@straddlinggap) for some time now, and I must be tweet challenged, because it's a trial.  I'm following some Tweeters and some Tweeters are following me, but where are we traveling??  I need a Twitter tutor to think of what anyone is trying to utter.  I see some posts that begin with "RT" and I've been twisting my brain to think of what that means.  I've also realized that Twitter Tweeters don't talk to each other.  They tease their blog, and tantalize with giveaways, twitter event, etc.  It's tiring to watch the solitary who tweet on Twitter to TELL something.

I'm troubled by the use of @ and #.  These twins of tweets test my patience.  Tell me, what do they entail?  I would be traumatized to trip up and try the wrong type.  It's tiring to try to tweet when your trilling isn't thrilling.

There have been some timely things about Twitter.  We're traveling to a gratis movie tomorrow at the AMC Esplanade theater (and the public hasn't been treated yet!).  I'm testing samples, and tragically, I "liked" so many Tweeters on Facebook, they are taking up my time (and space!). 

This twit will keep training on Twitter in anticipation of teriffic tweets.  If any of my peeps have some positive problem-solving possibilities for me, it would please me to peruse them.