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Saturday, January 7, 2017

New Year's Resolutions - Keeping It Clean

In the list of New Year's resolutions, right behind losing weight and eating healthier, is keeping the house clean.  Unfortunately, this will be an example of doing what I say and not what I do.  Consistent house cleaning has always been a impossible challenging task for me.

Although I have struggled with maintaining a clean house, I have found a couple of great sources for getting into the habit.  Most systems describe three types of cleaning tasks - daily, weekly and less frequent.  There are variations on this theme, but getting the first two under control is the difference between being overwhelmed or getting it done.  If you are just getting started, find a program that gives you some suggestions about managing daily and weekly tasks.  Make sure whatever you do works for YOU.  You'll find plenty of routines that focus on accomplishing a specific daily task, but you may question why you are cleaning your kitchen sink when you can't walk through your bedroom.  You need to control the cleaning routine - it shouldn't control you..

Remember the rules of learning a new habit because house cleaning routines are perfect examples of habits that need consistency and persistence.  Keep that in mind as you look at these websites.  They have great routines, but it can be very overwhelming as you start.  Figure out your daily routine and try that for a week or so.  Then you can decide how detailed or complicated you want to be.


This was my original exposure to cleaning systems.  She is incredible.  Clean your kitchen sink everyday.  If you aren't ready for the detailed "fly journal," or life overhaul, it's OK, just follow the basics and refrain from the complicated stuff. 

Clean Mama

This is a similar to FlyLady, but maybe just a little more modern.  Do you want some basic ideas to develop your own cleaning routine?  She has them.  Do you want a detailed cleaning routine that tells you exactly what to do and when?  You got it.  Do you want to watch her videos or read her books?  She has that too.

If you are looking for instruction on particular cleaning tasks or how to create your own cleaning routine, the BHG website is awesome.  There are so many suggestions and articles on housekeeping, including cleaning.  It's a little like Pinterest, so be forewarned about the black time hole you will encounter. 

Good luck - and keep it clean out there!