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Monday, August 24, 2015

Please - No - Not Yet!

I'm starting to see things - things I just don't want to see yet.  It's just disturbing.  I'm only going to describe it, not show pictures because it's just too disturbing.

Reminder - it is still AUGUST.  Summer is not quite over even if kids have gone to school.  Fall is definitely not here yet.  I'm not ready to see pumpkins and harvest decorations on Pinterest.  Halloween blogs posts are most certainly premature.

I live in Arizona so it is even more shocking to the system to see these images when the daily temperature is still averaging 103 degrees.  On the other hand, I'm not sure there are too many (if any) places where the leaves are turning or spice mulled cider is in order.  Don't push me!

I'm asking for a moratorium on Halloween, harvest decorating, pumpkin recipes and God forbid - Christmas, until at least September 15.  Would it kill you to wait that long?  There will still be time to decorate our front porches in highly flammable dead corn stalks and plant mums. We will still be able to try every conceivable meal course with pumpkin as the primary ingredient. The spooky clever Halloween treats that look like spiders, witches and guts can wait.

Step back from the harvest leaves and take a breath.

Thank you.