Sunday, May 10, 2020

Shop Without Breaking Quarantine

We've all been inside (or at least at home) for a while now and I keep thinking about all the shopping I would like to do, but can't. One item that would be very helpful right now is a simple card.  In fact, if you are like me, you buy greeting cards all year around, usually at the last minute.  Have you noticed that the "quick card" you buy at the grocery or big box store costs a lot more these days?  Why not save some money AND open the economy for a small business?

Etsy!!  Here are some great card sellers I found on Etsy.  The prices are generally less than you pay in the store, even if you pay shipping (and many sellers now offer free shipping).  The trick to this card hack is that you need to buy a collection in advance so you have them on hand when you need them.  Or, here is a thought, what about sending one in the mail NOW?  You may have a little time on your hands to spare a personal thought . . .

These cards come with a social distancing theme from HALOdesignsSHOP.  They have a bunch of designs in sets for as low as $10.50 for 5 flat cards.  Shipping is free if you purchase $34 or more.

If you like more artistic cards for any occasion with nothing inside, here are some stunning ones from LDawningScott starting at $13.00.

MichelleMospens has lovely floral watercolor cards and they are very reasonably priced as well.

Artists like CarlaBosch offer this boxed set of 20 all occasion cards for $24.95 with free shipping!

Do you prefer photographic cards?  Here's a set from CatulpaBay with gorgeous landscapes - 20 landscapes in 5x7 for only $25.00 and free shipping.

If cats are your thing, here are some super value handmade embossed cards with three dimensional cats from Wallridge Farm.

Or The Best Card Company has gone to the dogs - with quotes!

I think you get the picture.  There are nearly one million listings on Etsy when you search "greeting card."  Pick your occasion, a set, what you want to see on the card in your search and I guarantee you will find something that suits your fancy.

Get out there and support small businesses without the risk to health!


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