Trade My Warmer

Getting tired of that Scentsy full size or plug-in warmer?  Need a design change?  Great news!  My customers can participate in the Trade My Warmer program.  I have a "pool" of used warmers - full size and plug-ins.  You take a look at the warmers in the pool (see pictures below), and if you see something you like, you can trade in your used warmer for one of the warmers in the pool.  No extra cost involved!

Have a plug-in warmer you want to trade but want a full size warmer in return?  Just trade in your plug-in, pay $10 and get one of the full size warmers!  You can also trade in your used full size warmer for a brand new warmer in the catalog.  Just book a party, trade in your warmer and pay $20 - voila - new full size warmer!

Easy?  There is no cost to participate in the Trade My Warmer program.  Your used warmer needs to be clean and in good condition (no chips or cracks).

If you are not currently one of my customers, what are you waiting for?  In addition to the Trade My Warmer program, I offer FREE lightbulbs for life, Scentsy scent "recipes" and transition parties.  Contact me at and we'll book your first party!

Here are the warmers currently available.  If you see one you like and have a trade, let me know:


Gallery Cube Ebony w/Sparkle Frame




Plug-In Warmers

Sand Dollar