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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Patriotic Berry Dessert

I know I'm a bit late for the Fourth of July, but there is still plenty of time this summer for cool desserts.  Strawberries and blueberries are plentiful and it's so easy to create simple, yet yummy summer desserts.  My daughter gets the credit for this one, and we put it together in a very short time for a big family crowd.

Pound or angel food cake, sliced
Fresh strawberries
Strawberry glaze
Fresh blueberries
Cool Whip

Chop strawberries into small pieces, reserving one whole strawberry for each serving slice.  Mix the chopped strawberries with strawberry glaze.  Slice pound cake or angel food cake loaves into thin slices.  Take a slice and spread the strawberry mixture over one side, adding a layer of whipped topping before putting another slice of cake on top.  Put a large dollop of whipped topping on the top of your cake sandwich and sprinkle blueberries and a whole strawberry on top.  That's it - easy!

These desserts are easy to make and freeze in advance, and they sure please a crowd on a hot summer afternoon!

Have a great summer!