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Monday, May 22, 2017

What Is A Nursing Arm Pillow?

I make these Nursing Arm Pillows in my Etsy store, Pretty Pretty Cindy

Great, but what are they for??  I asked my handy dandy daughter assistant to demonstrate.

How about a headrest?  Not the optimal use.

It looks like it makes a good neck roll!  Maybe a better use, but only as a secondary use.

It looks like a muff to keep your hands warm in winter!  Uh, no.
This is the correct use of a nursing arm pillow.  You fold it together with the Velcro strips and then slip your arm through.  Finally, rest baby's head on the pillow at the crook of your arm for the perfect position for feeding, whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding.  (Because my lovely assistant is my baby, we don't have a live baby to demonstrate, so Teddy is filling in.)

The outside of the pillow is a soft cool cotton, and the inside is the softest minky to caress your forearm as you hold baby.  It also helps to keep your arm cool as you support baby's head.  The whole thing can be thrown into the laundry and fluffed back into shape as it comes out of the dryer.
Parents love these pillows because they are so portable.  They can stay folded or lie flat.  No need to lug a big wrap-around body pillow out whenever you leave home.  (Don't you have enough baby baggage to carry anyway?)  They are more comfortable for you and baby.
Don't have a baby?  These make great baby shower gifts and can be paired with coordinating burp cloths, washcloths, blankets, bibs and balls
They are only $20 in my Etsy store.  If you like to sew and would like to make your own Nursing Arm Pillow, check back later this week and I can give you the DIY for your own personal pillow.  If you don't want to bother with all the sewing, I have plenty in the store and I also take custom orders if there is a particular color scheme or pattern you want.  Send me a note through Pretty Pretty Cindy on Etsy.