Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mom's Doing Book Reports

Part of elementary school is the occasional book report.  I understand that.  It's been many years since I was in elementary school.  So why am I working on book reports?  Both of my kids have completed book reports which required a craft project.  This is the one we turned in today:

I'm not going to be entering this beauty in any linky parties, but I'm pretty proud of it considering it had to be a character's face made out of a paper bag.  For the record, this is Annie (of "Jack & Annie Magic Treehouse" fame) from the book "Twister on Tuesday."  Along with this craft project, my daughter still had to write two pages about the book and give an oral presentation.  I'm not complaining about the amount of work she had to do for this book report, but why include the craft project for me?

Of course the project was her assignment, just like it was my son's assignment two years ago when he did this project.  But really, do they think the third grader is doing this?  Last year my son had to make a salt dough sculpture in the shape of the State of Arizona, including delineation of major rivers, (yes, we have a few!), landmarks, geologic areas, a rose compass and a legend.  Yeah, right.  (Now that project I would definitely put in a linky party - I was proud enough of that one to put it in my office.)

I don't really mind doing crafts for a good cause, but I feel guilty doing my kids' assignments.  I try to keep them involved, but inevitably I do most of the project.  The nightmares of forgetting to turn in my assignments or showing up late for finals are back.  Oh well, I guess I'm back to school too.  Look - she's winking!