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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Got Halloween Costumes Yet?

I know, it's a month and a half away, but you don't want to be scrounging for that Harry Potter or mermaid costume at the last minute.  I recently found JustKidCostumes that has lots of great costumes for kids (without having to see all the "adult" costumes that show up in other costume ads/sites).  The prices are very affordable, starting at $13.00.  There are over 300 costumes to choose from - babies, toddlers, boys, girls.  Right now they have flat rate shipping for only $4.95!

Best of all, JustKidCostumes has a fun application you can use to see what your kid will look like in some of their costumes.  I know, my kids aren't babies anymore, but I can pretend:

JustKidCostumes has a great selection, especially of superheroes and princesses:

I've always wanted to get my kids into modeling :)
They also have a great selection of "vocational" costumes - doctors, race car drivers, astronauts, pirates, American Idol contestants, etc.  They also have some of the most unique costumes I've ever seen:  your baby as an air freshener, garden gnome, flower, peanut, ice cream cone or a Hershey's kiss.  You can also go with the old fashioned witch:

Your kids will laugh hysterically seeing themselves in all these costumes - it's fun to visit just for that reason!

Just a disclaimer - I did NOT receive anything for blogging about JustKidCostumes, but I am entered to win a $100.00 gift certificate, which I might just give away!  (Keep checking back about that!)  Whatever you decide to do this Halloween - be safe and have fun!