Friday, July 8, 2011

DIY - No Seam Pillowcase

First of all, ever since I learned to sew I've been wanting to make one of those cool "no seam" or "inside out" pillowcases that I think every kid who takes a sewing class learns to sew.  So when I saw this amazing and very detailed tutorial from Bonnie at Wonderfully Awkward entitled "The fastest, easiest pillowcase ever!", I had to try.  I'm not going to make this a full tutorial because Bonnie's was lovely. 

I picked out some coordinating fabrics from my "secret stash" that my sister helped me establish by purging a small fraction of her fabric mountain.  It didn't take much, maybe less than a yard of each fabric.  These are some colors I hope to use in the master bedroom in a redecorating project that hopefully will occur before my children go to college.  I didn't have antique ribbon that Bonnie used in her tutorial, but I did have some generic 1" wide white satin ribbon you can find in any fabric store.  I used that and sewed down either side.  Then I used a decorative leaf stitch down the center of the ribbon so it didn't look so generic.

It was so easy and fast too!!  Bonnie's tutorial says you can do it in 20 minutes and I'm thinking that maybe after I make about half dozen of these I might get to 30 minutes.  I also want to try to make these with wider fabric bands instead of the ribbon.  (The purpose of the ribbon/band is to cover the seams.)  These would make great gifts for family or friends and just imagine the cute pillowcases you could make at a kid's party!