Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oxford, Mississippi Day 2

After one day of this Cyber-security conference, I'm ready to change all my passwords, delete most of my phone apps and change my privacy settings on Facebook.  I already cancelled Foursquare :)  Seriously, it's pretty scary seeing how all this works.  However, I couldn't ask for a better location than the brand new University of Mississippi Law School building, including the gorgeous Grisham Law Library (think John Grisham).

After a busy day of cyber-frightening, I took a little walk down the historic Lamar Street to see the beautiful homes.

Every home in Oxford (even the non-historic ones) has an open porch (most wrap-around) and the obligatory wooden rocking chairs on the porch.  Many also have porch swings - AHHH.

I've also discovered why Mississippi has the highest percentage of obese people.  Last night we went to Ajax Diner, famous for southern cooking.  I had chicken & dumplings, rolled out with shredded chicken just the way Grandma made!  The entree came with two vegetable sides - sweet potato casserole and fried eggplant were my choices.  (Who knew there was such a variety of veggies??)  Two more days to enjoy Southern hospitality . . .