Monday, June 13, 2011

Business Trip - Oxford, Mississippi

I don't get to go on many business trips.  This one is a conference sponsored by the National Association of Attorneys General.  It's all about cyber-security.  I'm not sure why an environmental lawyer (me) is at a conference for prosecutors, but hey, I got a great trip to a beautiful place and I might even learn something!

This conference is in Oxford, Mississippi, the home of the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss).  I came in this evening and we're staying in downtown Oxford, the prettiest little town square you ever want to see.  Here's the courthouse:

There are great little shops that I'm dying to explore.  Best of all is the scenery.  Large trees with moss:


these cute flowers that I can't remember the name:

and best of all - MAGNOLIAS!

Oh, I really like this business trip!  More to come . . .